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Easily integrate RFID capabilities into existing systems without cannibalizing current IT investments


Enjoy 100% uptime by utilizing an infinite number of controllers for redundancy and load balancing


Scale your RFID infrastructure over several locations and easily administer all read points from a single location


Scalable licensing model that allows you to implement your RFID system when it’s convenient for you


Native support for RFID hardware from multiple OEM’s, allowing you to leverage existing procurement relationships to select the hardware that’s right for you


Easy-to-administer user interface allows even the novice to configure your RFID site


For the Enterprise

For the SMB

For the Integrator

Quote projects in lightning speed by utilizing our easy per-reader or per-core licensing model


Deploy your RFID verticals quickly and easily without the worry of re-writing your applications to communicate with different RFID hardware, saving time and money


RFID Site Manager is a set of enterprise-class Windows services that allow an organization to implement an RFID infrastructure utilizing RFID hardware from multiple OEMs. Organizations that are designing vertical applications for RFID, or need to add RFID capabilities to existing applications can now focus on client application logic and UI design without worrying about the hardware abstraction layer that communicates with the RFID readers.

RFID Site Manager is designed in a hierarchical fashion, allowing an organization to group and zone physical RFID readers into “virtual readers”. Once physical and logical readers are defined, scans are filtered by groups of readers or by individual readers. This patent-pending architecture allows for an advanced configuration that can be tailored for any number of specific RFID applications where multiple read points for accuracy and redundancy are necessary. The entire suite of services can be ran on one physical controller for small installations, or can be scaled out over several controllers for large enterprise installations.

How does it work?


Controller Zones


At the highest level of the RFID Site Manager is the Site. The Site defines the entire RFID network for an organization, and is the single filter point prior to the output service. The Site is made up of one or more controller zones, controllers, and RFID readers encompassing several physical locations if needed.

Within a Site, Controller Zones can be created. Controller Zones are logical containers for grouping collections of controllers together. This is useful if you have multiple physical locations and each physical location has its own group of controllers.

A Controller is a physical server that queues RFID scans. Within a Site, RFID readers are automatically assigned to controllers by the RFID Site Manager for load balancing and redundancy. If one controller goes off-line, other controllers on the network pick up the traffic from the orphaned RFID readers.

RFID Reader Zones

RFID Readers

RFID Reader Zones are logical containers for grouping collections of RFID readers together. This is useful if you have several physical and virtual readers and need to partition them for reporting and administration.

At the lowest level of the RFID Site manager is the RFID Reader. The RFID Reader can be a single physical reader with or without multiple antennas, or can be a “virtual reader”, which is a logical reader that is made up of several physical readers designed to work together as one reader to create a single output.

Our Other Products

LOOKOUT is our web-based application designed to display location information that is captured from RFID tag read events. This application can be used to monitor tag events for any number of assets that need to be tracked, along with an image of the asset for visual confirmation.

REVEAL is our latest live video tracking application. This tool allows you to select a particular asset (personnel, equipment, animals, etc.) and watch live video footage actuated by the tag events as the asset moves through your facility.

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